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Assetto Corsa: vota la priorità #1 per il prossimo update

Discussion in 'Discussioni Generali' started by Cristian N, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Cristian N

    Cristian N Pity1972
    Staff Member Admin

    Aug 23, 2010
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    Vercelli (Italy)
    Stefano Casillo in persona ha aperto sul forum Kunos Simulazioni un sondaggio molto interessante: propone agli appassionati di votare la priorità principale da implementare nel prossimo update di Assetto Corsa, fra una scelta decisamente varia di opzioni.

    If YOU were the AC Lead Designer, what would be your #1 priority for next update?

    The "winner" feature implementation is not GUARANTEED to appear in any of the future versions of AC.

    Let the fight begin
    (but keep it clean or I'll turn you into a new "Simulation Expert" via perma-insta-ban)

    EDIT: Improvements on core features such as AI and Multiplayer are default actions that don't even need to be included.

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