Corvette C6R@Silverstone

Corvette C6R@Silverstone

Name: IROn_3
Password: IROn

Team Speak
Password: IROn

Race Date:
Lunedì 17 Marzo 2014
2014 March the 17th Monday

Race Timing and Rules
-Practice: start 20.00 CET
-Qualify: start 21.30 CET, 20 mins
-Warm Up: start 21.50 CET
-Race: start 22.00 CET, 40 mins (rolling start)
-Max Lap Qualify:Unlimited
-Fuel: Normal
-Tyres: Normal
-Damage Multiplier: 50%
-Race Time: 7.30 pm
-Time Scale: normal
-Set Up: free
-View: Cockpit
-Weather: rFactor2 Weather Tool

Per Info [URL=][/URL]

Ringraziamo gli Admin per lo spazio concessoci

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  1. Massimo M. says:

    build unstable 573 x stasera!!!

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